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ATLANTA ARMS is a leading manufacturer of ammunition for many of the military, law enforcement, and professional shooters Worldwide. High quality, assured reliability, and extreme precision have been the standard at ATLANTA ARMS. ATLANTA ARMS is the premier source for both re-manufactured and match ammunition.

All re-manufactured ammunition undergoes extensive cleaning, full length sizing, and chamber checking, to meet factory specifications.

  • World class production Standards….
  • World Class Management Team……
  • World Class Product …………………

Their match line of ammunition continues to be the standard for the Army Marksmanship Unit and other professional shooting teams alike. Please support them with any of your purchases of Ammunition.

“Let’s support them because they are supporting us”



Firearm Industry leader for Women Holsters….

They produce some the finest holsters for Women in the industry and have established themselves as the “gold standard” for women’s Bra Holsters in the World.

Let’s Face it…ladies are built differently than guys. So when they want to pack some heat, they need a holster especially designed, just for them. And that’s just what Flashbang Holsters are. Great holsters. Built to a woman’s exact specifications.

If you are a woman looking for a holster this is it and if you are a guy looking for a gift for your wife or girlfriend look no further

video of FlashBang Bra Holster :




Redeye Tactical

Redeye Tactical is a custom kydex holster and accessory manufacturer that takes great pride in creating quality products. Founded in 2013 with the vision of providing quality kydex gear without the high price tag and long wait time. Custom Kydex holsters, magazines pouches, knife sheaths, and specialized projects are a few of the things manufactured. High emphasis is placed on quality, low wait times, and offering exceptional products.

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