True freedom for any person should be judged by the ability to protect him or herself within that Society



Background Checks

NAAG members understand the impact of Guns in today’s society. We use them to hunt, Competition, Self-Defense, the Shooting Range, and Conceal & Open Carry.


We are a Pro-2nd Amendment Organization.

We believe that having the ability to protect ourselves within our community in a lawful manner is essential. We also understand and want everyone in society to be protected with common sense laws that keep us all safe from individuals that shouldn’t have guns.


That means ……


If you have a “Violent” Felony Conviction

– you shouldn’t be able to buy a Gun


If you have a Domestic Violence record

– you shouldn’t be able to buy a Gun


If you are on the Terror Watch List

– you shouldn’t be able to buy a Gun




Background Checks Save Lives and Keep Americans Safe…….

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